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 Skill Tree Dard Knight

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PostSubject: Skill Tree Dard Knight   Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:01 pm

The red marked skills can only be obtained with quests !!

Sword Mastery (passive): Increases ATK of Daggers and 1-handed Swords.
2-Hand Sword Mastery (passive): Increases ATK of 2-handed Swords.
Axe Mastery (passive): Increases ATK of Axes.
Critical Rate UP (passive): Increases CRT.
Auto Counter (active): Blocks enemy attack and automatically counters.
Dark Breath (active): Increases STR. Consumes HP while in effect.
Shadow Quicken (active): Increases SPD. Consumes HP while in effect.
Dark Weapon (active): Adds Blind to target's weapons.
Bloody Crash (active): Absorbs the amount of damage dealt on target enemy in HP.
Guillotine (active): Axe required. Attacks and stuns single target.
Genocide (active): Unleashes a Blind attack in target area and blinds any enemy in area.
Chaos (active): Gathers dark energy into the targeted area and causes Confusion.
Blind Wave (active): Requires Swords. Unleashes a dark wafe from equipped sword.
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Skill Tree Dard Knight
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