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 AFK Leveling

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PostSubject: AFK Leveling   Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:34 am

You want to level fast but don't want to do anything for it?
Here's the answer: AFK Leveling !!

It's really simple.
1. Take a healer and a damage dealer in your team. (like Sierra and Lucifi/Lisir)
2. Search a place where the monsters spawn always at the same place.
3. Search a good position and look that the monsters really respawn at your near.
4. Let your teammates kill the monsters while you're sleeping, watching tv, or go away with friends^^

Be sure that your nintendo ds is fully charged! and it's better if you turn the sound off and put your lighting to the darkest one, to save energy.

Here are some good afk leveling areas:
-Culvert F3 in the middle of the map (at the bridge)
-Yusidra Cave in the middle left (just stand in the middle of the place)
-Glast Heim Underground bottom middle (the small corridor where the 2 zealotus are)

But be sure that your teammates can handle the enemys at their own or you gonna die ^^
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AFK Leveling
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